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La Bonita Taqueria

Posted by merle_food on 2006.10.20 at 14:00
Ever since biking past here a year or two ago, I have wanted to come, if only for the huevos rancheros. They no longer seem to sell those (although they serve several gringo breakfasts?!), but still, I finally made it up to try out a carne asada burrito.

It was.. okay. The burrito construction was flawed, with all of the meat and beans on one side, and all of the rice and lettuce on the other. Burrito construction seems to be a lost art, unless this is how it is supposed to work. Personally, I prefer more homogenized burritos. They also only had green salsa for the chips, although it looked like there was some salsa fresca in the burrito itself (and I did ask, but was told they had none).

Given how close El Gordo Burrito is, and that it offers free chips and a salsa bar, costs less money, and tastes better, there is not much reason to come here. Well -- they do sell sopas, which makes them the only downtown Oakland place to do so, I believe.

(kinda crossposted to merle_food)

La Bonita Taqueria
2200 Broadway
Mon-Fri 7a-3p, Sat 8a-2p

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