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Reviews of Restaurants in Oakland, CA

Restaurants, Dining, and Eating in Oakland, CA
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This community is for reviews of restaurant dining experiences in Oakland, California.

Only post reviews of Oakland restaurants (or food carts, taco trucks -- places serving prepared food). If you have a wider bay-area place to review, you might consider sf_eats or one of the other groups. Tempting as it may be to include a restaurant just two blocks into Emeryville, this sort of creep eventually results in Walnut Creek posts, defeating the purpose of the group.

A post should give the name of the restaurant, the location, a price point, and a description of the dishes and the experience. The subject line should contain the name of the restaurant.

Feel free to comment with questions about the restaurant or the poster's experience, but do not create non-review posts.

Do not post advertisements. Plugging a restaurant is okay, but you must have eaten there recently, and post a decent review. "Come to X where a hot band is playing tonight" is just right out.

Posts and comments must be in English.. overall. Foreign words or phrases for particular dishes are fine, but the point of the community is communication and it deliberately excluding people will not help that goal.

Be responsible in your content and phrasing. We do allow and encourage negative reviews as much as positive ones, but posts should be reasonable in language and actionable phrases. It's fine to hate something, but do not accuse a restaurant of being unclean because your sandwich had too much mayo. You can have horrible service and describe it without comparing the server to an inbred donkey's offspring.

People may not like your favorite restaurant. Do not flame them. Having a rational discussion about your differences is fine, but ranting that the poster is a thick-headed mule is not.

There will be an occasional administrative post to announce policy changes and the moderators reserve the right to moderate but would prefer for posters to self-moderate.

Tags should contain the name of the restaurant, the type of cuisine, and the neighborhood (if known).