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Great Wave at Kanagawa

Jong Ga House

Posted by ewigweibliche on 2006.11.06 at 13:30
Hi. I'm new to this group. I love eating out and will try anything once. I am especially enthusiastic to find places in the North Oakland greater area since I do not own a car.

Over the weekend, thanks to a friend with a vehicle, some friends and I went to Jong Ga House for Korean food. I am fast discovering this cuisine. This was my second visit to Jong Ga. The decor is strangely comfortable and the staff very friendly. The food is delicious. We had several dishes to share and certainly didn't need to order quite so much food. One friend ordered a sweet pork dish that came with lots of intriguing little side dishes (I do not remember the name of this dish). I ordered kim chee dol sot bab - so very delicious. Spicy and tart from the kim chee, grounded thanks to the rice, and all set off by the fried egg still sizzling in the stone bowl. The best dish of the night was sabu sabu. This dish involved a huge dish of broth with white and green onions and mushrooms boiling on a stove at the table. Then a platter of several more kinds of mushrooms, veggies wrapped in thinly sliced beef, plus tofu, greens and other veggies was delivered. These item are put into the broth and fished out when they've cooked. Once all of the items are eaten, more broth was delivered to top off what had been reduced and fresh noodles were added to create a second course. Sabu Sabu comes family style (about 16.95 per person, 2 person minimum) and the two person platter could easily have fed all four of us. A vegetarian could eat quite well from this dish. At the end of the meal a sweet rice drink was brought out. My companions said that Sahn Maru's drink was much better. I'm going to have to try that place next.

Jong Ga House
372 Grand Ave.


Merle [Food]
merle_food at 2006-11-07 16:58 (UTC) (Link)

Glad you liked Jong Ga. It's one of the four Korean places that gets the most mention in Oakland, I believe (along with Sam Won, Koryo, and Sahn Maru). And if you liked Jong Ga, you'll probably enjoy Sahn Maru quite a lot. Their black goat stew (only available in the evenings, and it's an order for two) is quite good.

Wow, it's been a long time since I was last there. I may have to return, if work ever lets up...
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